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About Us

All about how Noize Machine started and where we are going with our releases

Noize Machine was launched in early of 2017 by Danny Kitching ( Danny Digital) & Lee Johnstone (LeeJay) and is a new UK Makina based record label part of Embracive Music. The new label which bases its roots on Spanish Makina  (Machine) music, which is related to raving genres such as Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore and a few other genres. With Makina been big especially in North East England, it was decided that a new record label would be born.


The idea initially was dreamt up by Danny in late 2016 and was proposed to a couple of producers at the time and left on hold to January due to work commitments during the retail busy period. Danny noticed over Christmas that people were buying turntables for general listening not just DJ use and Technics brought back there turntables as well as an increase in vinyl. The idea was brought forward again in January, however the original producers decided it wasn’t a direction they wanted to take to peruse vinyl and wanted to peruse a different genre of music.

Within in January Danny proposed the idea to Lee Johnstone who seen the benefit of how the demand in vinyl had shot up recently and wanted to join this little project. The initial name was Noize Factory as we needed a name to refer to the idea, however a few weeks later Danny suggested Noize Machine to Lee which he thought was much better considering Machine translates back into Spanish as Makina, which reflects the genre.

Danny & Lee thru most of February started looking for producers while Danny himself was working on he’s own track titled Velocity which was based on one of he’s older ideas from 7 years ago called Escaping Velocity. Eventually Ste Bruce the owner of Rewired record took interest and contributed a track titled Peace and put forward to he’s producers who wanted a track part of what would become Noize Machine Vol.1.


Following on thru the month of March, various tracks were sent off for mastering as well as logos been designed and label artwork.  Buidling a competition to hype the record, this gained the Noize Machine Facebook page a boost of fans within a single week and giving new listeners the chance to obtain our new and first release.


The Noize Machine Vol series is aimed to showcase various Makina producers, which will be taking on more ideas and we will also be releasing more dedicated releases also on vinyl. As a label we decided to offer with every vinyl record purchased a CD version of the release as well as a free mix CD. This will everyone a chance to have a multi format release for their own personal listening or for DJing  also without having to attempt to rip from a vinyl. We also aim to make our record affordable for people to enjoy, so we aim to keep the prices within a reasonable price range to cover our manufacturing and to re-invest extra money into making more records and taking on more producers.


'We Are Makina'